“Acid” — A Poem By Les Smith

Words can’t explicate how great and powerful this poem is! I’ve been very blessed the last week or so, as I’ve had some really intelligent, inspiring, enlightening — not to mention talented — individuals visiting my blog and commenting on a number of my posts/poems. And I was very lucky to have Les — a talented and wise individual — share this poem with us. Please read it carefully and reflect!


Throw some acid
Dear, show your love.
For my opinion
My mind.
My scorn for you
Blind me.
Scar me for life
Scar your mind.

Pour it over
My beautiful face.
Let it burn
Because of my voice.
Who encouraged you
Your friend, mother.
Tradition of control
Hearts of hatred.

Hold your head high
I can’t mine.
Puckered skin
Made my face
Like your mind.
Behind my veil
I see you.

At night, when it rains
I lift my veil.
Water mixes with
My tears.
Salves my mind
No, not flesh.

You want me
In fear.
A chattel, worse
Than a dog.
I do not fear
I now know.
You are a coward
I have the power.

I see you for
What you are.
Incapable of love
Except for self.
If I had my way
I would make.
You look at my
Face every day.

Until your madness
Is replaced.
By torment
You think I cannot.
Now love
I can, I just need.
To find a man
With a good mind.

© March 2012

3 responses to ““Acid” — A Poem By Les Smith

    • What a deeply heart-wrenching and tragic story. Thank you for sharing this. What a way to die, huh? 😦

  1. well the Mullah’s come out and shout along with thousands of mindless fucks when it comes to Dr. Afia. No body said a word about this poor woman. This is disturbing on so many levels.

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