A Tribute To The Untimely Passing Of A Beautiful Little Girl

I learned, not too long ago, that a close and very dear family friend lost his almost two year old daughter to leukaemia. Words can’t begin to explain the despair I feel right now. I adored that little girl; that gorgeous angel. She deserved to live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. But I guess the world knew she was too good for it. Mother nature knew she wouldn’t survive in this cruel, heartless, superficial, materialistic, and inhumane world. So nature decided to take her life to save her from the massive amount of grief that she would have faced if she were to live.


It’s just so shocking to know that just a few months ago — when I visited her and her family in Peshawar in December — she was so alive. So healthy. I feel so lucky to have met her. Held her. Kissed her. She was truly a great child. And she will be desperately missed. May she rest in peace.


Here is just a little something I wrote for my beautiful little angel:

Such a beautiful child you once were
Elated and carefree
Your angelic face shone with a glow so radiant
That even the sun bowed her head in shame
Your beauty, your charm…
What a divine creation you were!
You had the charisma to escort
And the strength to move mountains
You would have done great wonders
If only…
Life weren’t so cruel, so heartless, so unfair!
I see you looking at me
With those big brown eyes,
Seeing me as a stranger
As I held out these empty arms
To hold you, to kiss you
One last time
Tears fill my eyes, searching the stars
I just can’t come to accept that you are gone
For if I’d known,
I would have cuddled and loved you; kept you safe
Within my arms,
Holding you in a tight embrace
I will search these skies for you each night
As memories flood back
Of our short time together
Despair encasing my heart
As I recall that precious moment
When you reached out
And grabbed the cookie from my hand
Oh! How I wish I could relive those moments,
Beautiful moments gone too soon…
And now I am left with nothing
But a sweet memory of you…

©SesapZai April, 2012

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