Great Words From Yousef Erakat

This is by far the best thing I’ve read in a very, very long time! Great words, indeed!

“Dear everyone who has ever chased a dream. Nowadays, people get enjoyment out of seeing you fail. They don’t want you to succeed. Their entertainment is at the cost of your demise. They will scrutinize, analyze and critique your every move and mistake but will turn their heads at your accomplishments out of jealousy. They will be quick to tell you that you aren’t going to last. How you don’t have it anymore. How you are never going to make it. But why? You are a reflection of what they are never going to be. You are everything that they want to see in the mirror. You are their nightmare. Instead of trying to help you with support and encouragement, they offer nothing but hate and negativity. They are the poison to your dream. They know nothing of your passion. They have not seen your dreams. They underestimate your potential. They doubt you. But they are wrong. Instead of giving in, and giving them what they want. Do the opposite. Face them, head up high and smile. And tell them to enjoy the ride. You are in control of your destiny. You have the key to your success. You have the talent, passion and heart that they only dream of…” – Yousef Erakat (the adorable creator of FouseyTUBE).

7 responses to “Great Words From Yousef Erakat

    • I love FouseyTube too! I stumbled upon his channel by accident on YouTube and I’ve been in love with his work ever since! Great kid with a great amount of talent! And you’re very welcome for the post! 🙂

    • Fousey Erakat
      Dose of Fousey
      American pranker (Palestinian parents)
      $150 000 monthly (Google Inc. bank transfer wired)
      Bought a house in Fremont to his parent
      Bought a dental Office in NJ to his brother Dentist
      Bought a german car (Wolkswagen) to his assistant Simmi
      Bought a BMW 355i for himself
      Lives in Wilshire Bld (Residence la Brea)
      Manager of his Fousey Entertainment Inc.
      Have 2 puppies (Dollar and Muffin)
      egocentric character
      Cult of the body (weight training and doping product)
      Uses people like rags
      likes to sleep in the afternoon
      watch Netflix when others are at work
      Never really work.

      • You are just proving his point by writing this… Besides its none of your business how much money he makes and what he chooses to do with it. Plus he obviously works hard to get we’re he has gotten.

  1. Salm,………i have seen ur videos they are just awsome,.n i love all the work u did in it……u doin gr8 job ,keep it up……..when are u uploadin more videos..?v r waitin……..takecare.

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