You Had Me At Pakhair

The year was 2008,
And it was summer time –
The season of love; the season of passion!
You smiled at me like no other
And your beautiful eyes spoke of forever
Hardly twenty-five, little did I know about love
A young woman, lost in humble musings
The clouds danced to the stars
Slowly and seductively
As we stood by the open gate –
Our gateway to ecstasy –
The night was bright; warm
As I felt the zephyrs caress our insatiated souls
Time seemed to stop for a milisecond
As you softly took my hand,
Intertwining my fingers into yours,
And gallantly escorted me,
Towards the greenest of gardens —
Into our paradise; our very own Eden,
Where the colourful flowers sang to us
And the trees bowed to us in worship,
For they could sense our desire;
Our longing for each other!
In the realm of nature, our love is sacred
Where you are my God and I, your Goddess
We were in wonderland
For as time went by
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock
We lost ourselves to each other,
Underneath the bright galaxies,
In most beautiful conversation
And as we slowly began to slip into love
The moon smiled, her most beautiful smile
And cast her brightest halo upon us,
Which lit up our flushed faces
Oh! Even the constellations shone brighter than ever!
And it was then when your lips uttered those sweet words –
Lips that I’ve kissed a billion times since –
Words that have become my aegis; my prayer!
For you should know, zargiya*
You had me at pakhair*…

Zargiya – beloved/sweetheart
Pakhair – Pashto version of hello; more literally, it’s a greeting that means peace.

©October, 2012

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