The War Within


I can feel it, growing inside of me
Like a secretive blossom, yearning to escape
As life bleeds, repression flares its buds,
Bullets and explosions are welcomed, with wide open arms!
It is the terror in their tears; the tremble in their sweat
That has wrecked any hopes of rebellion
They say behind all freedom is fear
Yet fear has become a sanctuary – a curse!
We breathe each other’s essence
As our flesh is conquered by fanatical minds
It continues to grow; this entity inside of me
Flooding pandemonium within
We are at war with ourselves – our bodies!
Enshrining its lethal allegiance on our souls
Our foes are not they, but we ourselves
It is our never-ending desires,
That blinds us to the freedoms that exist
Overwhelming clarity, direction, meaning, purpose…
We are like dark roaring clouds, burdening the sun,
And obscuring our vision – shadowing all truths
We have yet to realize what is ours – rightfully
And as the last drop of blood spills to the ground
A new hope shall thrive a coloured carapace,
Until then, freedom shall wait…

©SesapZai March 26, 2013

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