Lest A Love Forgotten

O’ Fate,
How strange you are!
Yet, so enigmatic –
So beautiful…
You obligated us to meet
Like two lone flowers,
Lost amongst weeds and broken thorns
The way he looked at me,
Touched me – my essence – deeply
Declaring his unbounded loyalty
Through his magnificent aura!
Amorous words
Gentle caresses
Ardent kisses
We fell in love, deeply
And found perfect harmony
In our own garden of Eden
Darkness has ceased to exist
For it has been replaced
By a brightness more brilliant than the sun!
Passion imprints herself
On our bodies, on our lips
As our souls breathe
Each other’s names
The halo of his spirit surrounds us,
And the seraphs of love
Floats about,
Singing the praise of the soul’s feat
Upon which we offered our hearts to each other
As a gift of infinite love

© SesapZai April 9, 2013

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