The World’s Worst Punishment For Rape?

I am currently subscribed to this mailing list and once in a while I receive an email from them which I feel I must, by all means, share on every single social media website I’m on, including my blog, in order to spread the word. And this is one of such crucial, yet very emotionally distressing, emails.

These men need to be castrated and skinned alive! Please read Liz’s horrific, very unjust and heart-breaking story, and sign the petition to ensure that no girl ever suffers from this sort of despicable torment and abuse again! Of course, it’s always easier said than done and I often wonder just how effective these petitions are in eradicating such inhumane atrocities against women, but it’s a start.

Anyway, I am cutting and pasting the whole thing verbatim for my readers’ convenience and viewership. Again, please sign the petition and spread the word! Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!


6602_crying girl_1_460x230

Dear friends,

16 year old Liz was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral when she was ambushed by six men who took turns raping her and then threw her unconscious body down a 6-meter toilet pit. Their punishment? Police had them mow their station lawn, then let them go free!

Liz’s horror story has sent shockwaves through Kenya and now politicians and the police are under pressure to respond. But women’s groups in Kenya say nothing will truly change unless the government is put under the global spotlight. They are calling on us urgently to help ensure justice is done and that Liz’s nightmare marks a turning-point in Kenya’s rape epidemic.

Nobody has been brought to justice — not the rapists, and not the police. Today, we change that. Let’s stand with Liz right now, before her attackers and the police escape. Click below to get justice for Liz and help make sure no girl anywhere suffers this violence: 

According to the girl’s mother, after they were set free, the rapists returned to Liz’s home to taunt the family. They acted like they were above the law, and they had good reason to think so. Because of ridiculous bureaucratic requirements, the police logged Liz’s attack as mere “assault” and asked her mother to “clean her up”, destroying key forensic evidence. Now her rapists are free and Liz is in a wheelchair.

Liz’s story is an extreme example of a much bigger problem. In Kenya, two thirds of school girls and half of school boys have been sexually abused. And earlier this year, a landmark court ruling found police guilty of failing to do their jobs and ordered them to uphold Kenya’s strict anti-rape laws. Rape is illegal everywhere, but too often these laws are just not enforced by the men charged with protecting our daughters. Beginning with Liz, we can change that.

The police claim that they don’t have the money or training to uphold the law. But you don’t need much training to know that cutting the grass is no punishment for rape. If we can help ensure these rapists and police are held to account, we can set a precedent that will compel police to treat rape as a crime, not a misdemeanour. Sign up now for justice for Liz and to help end the war on girls: 

Avaaz members have a track record for standing up against rape all over the world — we recently got the Indian government to commit to a multi-billion rupee national education campaign to combat the problem there. While we can never undo what happened to Liz, we can keep it from happening again. Let’s do it.

With hope and determination,

David, Anne, Sam, Bissan, Oli, Ricken, Emily and the whole Avaaz team

PS: Liz is a pseudonym given by the news outlet that broke her story and has since been widely used. She is not pictured here.

PPS – This campaign was started by a member of our community in Kenya. Start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global:


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