Farewell 2013: A Very Personal Reflection

Happy New Year

Once again, another year goes by – and that too in just a blink of a second – and thus begins a new year, a new chapter, that allows us to create new resolutions and fills us with new hopes and new beginnings. It truly amazes me just how quickly 2013 flew by; it was only yesterday when I was sitting at my laptop pondering over the events that had occurred in 2012 and was writing a blog post on it. And, now, here I am again, musing over what a significant and full year 2013 has been, especially for me, personally.

Just so that my readers are aware, this “year-end” blog post will be a little different than the one I wrote last year (and the year before), in which I deliberated over worldly events that occurred over the course of the year. This post will be far, far more personal; I want to share with you all just how significant, how bittersweet this year has been. Why bittersweet? Well, I’ll explain that as this post progresses.

I’ve realized that I was pregnant for the majority of 2013 – a beautiful blessing all on its own. It was also this year that I was approached to write/blog for very popular media platforms like the Huffington Post and The Express Tribune. I was also approached to have a couple of my art pieces published in an academic book, authored by a prominent professor from the University of Chicago (the book should be published this month and I’ll be sure to share a scan of my artwork in it), as well as in an advertisement brochure for a business that focuses on women’s empowerment in Afghanistan (I will share more details about this great initiative in my next blog post or so).

I also met some of the most amazing people this year, a few who are now very dear and close friends of mine (you wonderful ladies know who you are :)). I also reconciled relationships with old friends, clearing any misunderstandings we had in the past, and are now as close as ever. This was also the year my in-laws moved to Canada to be with us. (For those of you who don’t know, I absolutely love both my mother-in-law and my father-in-law; they are not your typical in-laws, not even close, which is why I adore them and get along with them so well. And to have them with us finally is the most wonderful feeling ever.) This was also the year my beloved, my jaan, my zargaye, my everything, Zohal, was born. For those who don’t know or aren’t aware (in case you haven’t read my previous posts), Zohal is my almost five month old daughter. She is truly the best thing about 2013. More about her and her birth can be read here.

However, despite the many positives of 2013, and all the beautiful and wonderful things that have happened over the course of the year, something happened in the midst that I didn’t share publicly, except with very close friends and of course family members.

It was near the end of May and my husband had just returned from a 54-day-long business trip. It was the longest month and three weeks of my life, especially considering that we’ve never been apart that long. So, when he came back, it was heavenly. The weather was starting to get nicer – warmer – and despite the fact that I was pregnant, we’d planned a few exciting events, especially since my in-laws were on their way here as well. In order to prepare for these fun-filled events, we decided to fix up our front and back yards, as winter had just ended and everything was a total mess. Hence, hubby and a close friend of his decided to take matters into their own hands and within five hours, both our front and back yards were cleared from all the mess that winter had left behind, making it possible for us to host BBQ parties and other such summer events on our patio.

However, that wasn’t the end of it, for my poor hubby ending up injuring his foot, and the injury was so bad that he broke his metatarsal bones! He was quickly rushed to emergency where the doctor, who then evaluated his injury, told him that his injury was not minor, but rather quite major (a solid 10 out of 10) and that he would need three major surgeries to rectify it, which would then take about 6-9 months to heal in order for my hubby to walk again properly. He also said that there was no guarantee that he would be able to walk again “normally” or that he’ll be able to participate in activities such as hiking, running, rock-climbing, etc. again — activities that my hubby literally lives for!

Upon hearing that, both our hearts sank. Through the intense pain, I couldn’t even imagine what my hubby was going through. It all just happened so fast that now that I look back, it all feels like a huge blur. He was then admitted to the hospital for the duration of a week – the longest, most depressing week of my entire life – and I stayed with him. The whole time. The nurses all knew me my name. It’s funny because he was admitted to the same hospital that I was scheduled to give birth in, three months from then. My reader should know that I’ve always disliked hospitals, but now I can safely say that I hate them and wish that I never have to set foot in one again.

Anyway, after all three operations, my hubby was finally released in a huge cast and a wheelchair. For three whole months, my husband wasn’t allowed to walk nor put weight on his foot to allow the broken bones to heal. He was then placed in a special aircast boot for another six weeks, resorting him to crutches, which he hated and I didn’t blame him at all. And when our daughter was born in early August, a few weeks after that, he was finally allowed to start putting weight on his foot and was even allowed to walk, except that he had to keep the aircast boot on. It was just so incredibly difficult seeing him struggle every single day, since that fateful day of his injury, and his showing his frustration in coping with it; yet, one important thing that we kept reminding ourselves was to always look at the bright side: things could have been worse. Much, much worse.

It has now been seven months — almost eight months — since the accident and the surgeries and my husband is now without a cast, without a wheelchair, and without crutches – he walks perfectly well, almost like he’d never been in an accident before. It’s pretty amazing how quickly he’s recovered, without the need for therapy; how quickly these months flew by; and how the time in the hospital is nothing now but an almost forgotten memory. Back then, time seemed to slow down, everything sounded overbearing and incredibly depressing, but it’s amazing how things turned out even better than we had hoped. Gosh, if that isn’t bittersweet, then I don’t know what is! I have never had anyone this close to me injure themselves this horribly. And I just couldn’t bear to see someone I love to the core of my being be in so much pain — to feel like there was a possibility that he might never walk normally again or get involved in activities that he truly loves/enjoys. Here we were expecting a beautiful baby, summer was about to begin, and suddenly our lives was plunged into chaos, throwing everything out of sync! And, yet, we pulled through. It was the hardest time we’ve ever experienced in our lives, but we pulled through. And we are grateful for that. Very, very grateful.

I realize that the majority of this post encompasses the details surrounding my husband’s injury, but I guess I intended it to be focused on that. I now feel happy enough to share this painful incident. I remember when it all first happened and we were sitting in the emergency room. I grabbed my husband’s cold hand, kissed it and told him:

“Don’t worry, zargiya (beloved), in just a year from now, you will look back at all this and laugh. It will be okay. I promise.”

Yet, my beloved didn’t need a year to recover and to look back at this incident and laugh. No, he only needed seven short months. He is indeed a trooper.

So, here’s to a wonderful 2014! My husband’s foot is fully healed, our daughter is growing into a beautiful little girl, and I am surrounded by amazing in-laws and incredible (life-long) friends. What more could a girl ask for? As a dear friend said in a status she’d shared on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday:

“Who needs wishes, when all your dreams came true.” HK 

On that note, here’s wishing you all the very best, and a prosperous new year. Remember to take care and stay safe. Remember to value those who are near, dear, and close to you. One thing I realized after my husband’s accident was that we should never, ever take anything for granted. We should never take life for granted. It is too precious.

So, keep smiling. Always. 🙂

My hubby also wrote a more thorough and detailed version of the injury and the events that ensued. That blog post can be read here.

2 responses to “Farewell 2013: A Very Personal Reflection

  1. It was indeed great that ur husband recovered tbat perfectly…but just say honestly;that in those troubled times, never ever a thought of seeking help from almighty??i mean there comes times in peoples lives where they ought to shed thier “general” outlooks….they just become that helpless to revert to some devine intervention….
    Peace and wishing you a blistering 2014

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