Khushal Khan’s Hidden Talent Is Not So Hidden Anymore


Yup. Das right. I just found out late — very late — last night that a friend of mine (well, okay, he’s a little more than that, he’s actually my little bro) named Khushal Khan (make sure you follow him on Twitter here, ’cause, well, I said so, heh) is quite talented in the musical department. Gee, who knew, eh? I certainly didn’t even though I’ve known this kid for how many years? Two, three maybe? And besides the fact that he is uber blunt and in your face most of the time (but still a major sweetheart, nonetheless; no, really he is, I think :P); absolutely stunning looks-wise (probably the best-looking Pashtun bachelor I know! Proof? Take a look above — ladies, take heed!); hates plastic/psuedo-feminists and stupid people in general (yeah, well, who doesn’t, eh?); oh, and is also a very huge ass cricket fan, I just, only now, found out about his singing talent. Dafuk, man. Dafuk.

Anyway, he literally begged me to write this blog post. (Okay, no, I kid, he didn’t beg. Not really, heh.) However, not many people are lucky enough to make it on my blog, ’cause, well, that’s just the way it is. But, jokes aside, Khushal’s got talent, man. This kid can sing. And he totally deserves a place on my blog, and hopefully other bigger social/news websites so more and more people can realize his mad skillz. I’m also hoping that my writing this blog post will hopefully motivate him (if not embarrass him and maybe even, sushi forbid, discourage him, yikes!) to go as far as to record a full-length album. Gosh, we seriously need more Pashtuns that can sing, and sing well! And not only in Pashto, but in English as well. Though, I have to admit that in the past few years, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and about has brought forth some incredibly talented singers and musicians: from Rahim Khan to Ismail & Junaid to Sajid & Zeeshan to Yasir & Jawad; just to name a few, of course. If I missed any recent popular solo artists and/or bands, please let me know in the comments section below.

So, okay, ’nuff praising, and more sharing. Below, I am sharing a cover song, sung beautifully by Khushal, titled “Hey Brother” by Avicci. The original song can be listened here.

Anywho, enjoy and please do not shy away from harassing Khushal on Twitter about how fabulously he can sing. Oh, and make sure to bribe him with lots of food, so he can sing and record more songs, ’cause I forgot to mention that he’s a HUGE foodie (Biryani knows where it all goes, as he’s got a figure even Madonna would be envious of, ugh! Life’s unfair, mayn!). Okay, ’nuff said. Have a listen below and judge for yourselves.

Peace out. For now 😀


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