Hitler (Like Elliot) Was Just Mentally Ill, Not Anti-Semitic

A friend I deeply admire and respect wrote this brilliant piece. In fact, it is so brilliant that it deserved a space on my blog.

So, without further ado, please keep reading and be sure to leave your thoughts/comments! 🙂


Hitler (Like Elliot) Was Just Mentally Ill, Not Anti-Semitic

by Farah Shah

People have been mostly wrong about Hitler for all these decades…Hitler was not anti-Semitic. I mean, I am not saying that antisemitism does not exist – of course it does. But, like, how can people possibly be using the tragedy that is Holocaust to further their agenda against antisemitism and to promote equal rights for Jews? I mean, think about it, Hitler killed millions – and if you were to know the graphic details, it is all really disturbing. And that right there is further proof that he was just mentally ill. Normal people just don’t pull that shit. What’s up with people discounting that and going on and on about antisemitism?

Yeah, yeah, I know you like to bring up his book ‘Mein Kampf’ and the hate-filled bile that he spewed against Jews in that and the hate-filled bile he spewed against Jews in his speeches. I know you like to bring up the fact that he was not “diagnosed” with Asperger’s syndrome like Elliot Rodger was (and so, these cases are different). And of course, you like to bring up the fact that most people with mental illness don’t kill off millions of people (but are more likely to be violated by others) and thus, Hitler should not be associated with them. To all that I will just say: Fuck your vapid logic, you’re nothing but a politically correct freak who dare not talk about Hitler’s mental illness and would keep bringing his antisemitism up. Also, the Nazis were all mentally ill, not anti-Semitic. Because normal people simply don’t go around doing that shit and you should stop using their example to highlight the mistreatment of Jews. Stop associating these coocoo crazy people with normal, every-day anti-Semites. They should be able to wear the ‘anti-Semite’ badge with pride, without fearing to remind people of mentally ill Hitler (and mentally ill Nazis).

As far as the fact that Hitler was not diagnosed with a mental illness is concerned…well, so the fuck what? I mean, scientific studies don’t really show a link between Asperger’s syndrome and violence but since “normal” people just don’t pull off the shit that Elliot did, it definitely was Asperger’s! Similarly, so what if there wasn’t a scientific diagnosis of Hitler? “Normal” people just do not do that shit. That’s all you have to know. Period. For all you know, Hitler was probably just a stubborn ass who didn’t consider getting a proper diagnosis? Also, was psychiatry as advanced during that time? Think. Think. Think hard on this stuff. I mean, why won’t you give me (a “normal” person) the pleasure of thinking that I am totally and completely separate from a human being like Hitler? And the only way I can completely distinguish myself and the rest of my culture and society from him is by categorizing him among the mentally ill. Surely, he was the last leader ever to endorse bigotry like that. Every other person in power after him in this world has just been so lovely and awesome (a.k.a. not mentally ill). It makes me wanna take 20 vodka shots and dance like crazy (haha, pun intended) with the words “I am not mentally ill and Hitler was! Booo” written all over my naked body.

It makes me feel great and superior to think that Hitler (and the Nazis) were all totally a different category of human beings; they were the mentally ill human beings who deserve being locked up in asylums and the antisemitism that I see being so very rampant in this world (endorsed by superior, *normal* people who have not killed millions of Jews cause they weren’t mentally ill like Hitler) has nothing what-so-ever to do with Hitler. They are just that: Anti-Semitic, not mentally ill. The only difference between Elliot and Hitler here is that Hitler is seen as anti-Semitic because he mainly killed Jews. Elliott, on the other hand, killed more men! Thus, it’s easy for people to cancel out misogyny and see that Elliot was just mentally ill. Hitler, you bastard, you should have had the decency to kill certain people from other religions as well, it would been easier for me to make a case for you here and prove that you were just mentally ill and NOT anti-Semitic.

Elliott was one clever dude (despite his mental illness) and he made sure to leave us in all kinds of ambivalence. He first wrote some awful stuff against women in his 140 page manifesto and said the the most terrible things about women in his last video. He said stuff like: “Women are like a plague. They don’t deserve to have any rights. Their wickedness must be contained in order prevent future generations from falling to degeneracy. Women are vicious, evil, barbaric animals, and they need to be treated as such.” He also said: “The first strike against women will be to quarantine all of them in concentration camps. At these camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death. That would be an efficient and fitting way to kill them all off. I would take great pleasure and satisfaction in condemning every single woman on earth to starve to death. I would have an enormous tower built just for myself, where I can oversee the entire concentration camp and gleefully watch them all die. If I can’t have them, no one will, I’d imagine thinking to myself as I oversee this. Women represent everything that is unfair with this world, and in order to make the world a fair place, they must all be eradicated. A few women would be spared, however, for the sake of reproduction. These women would be kept and bred in secret labs. There, they will be artificially inseminated with sperm samples in order to produce offspring. Their depraved nature will slowly be bred out of them in time.” BUT he killed more men than women and now feminists are shitting in their pants thinking of ways to prove his misogyny. Because, you know, his 140 page is not enough proof when he was decent enough to kill more men than women (Go Elliot, boo Hitler!).

Trust me when I say this, ghost of Hitler, your speech against Jews and the hatred you spewed against them wouldn’t even have been taken into consideration if only you had killed people from other religions as well (and made sure their numbers were more than the Jews you killed). Yes, if only Hitler did that, it would not have been so hard for me to make a case that he was just mentally ill, not anti-Semitic. I would have said to you proudly: So what if Hitler killed millions of Jews? He killed more Muslims and that’s proof that it was just mental illness, not antisemitism. But, you see, Hitler also killed *himself* (like Elliot) and he was not a Jew….so, no, he was not anti-Semitic, just mentally ill. Next time I will have to try and get every feminist to shut up about how rape is not done by misogynists because, actually, it’s just mentally ill people unable to control themselves. And, you see, men also get raped which proves that rapists are not all misogynists and rape isn’t about misogyny. Pro-tip to rapists for not being accused of misogyny: Every time you rape 2 women, make sure to rape 4 men, that way no one will dare to accuse you of being a misogynist. They will just think that you are ‘mentally ill’ and y’all will get away with raping! (Which many of you already do anyways, but more pro-tips aint hurting nobody!)

I wonder if Hitler and the Nazis know that it is only when you do something out of religious influence that you might not be mentally ill but be actually motivated by hatred (according to awesome atheist YouTube celebrity who is a *normal* person like me named Jaclyn Noel). This amazing atheist celebrity believes that since Elliot’s stunt was not motivated by religion, it was not the hatred for women but simply that: Mental illness. Normal people just don’t do that crap. Repeat that with me 10 times! Shout on the top of your lungs while jumping on your mattress: “Normal people just don’t do that shit, yo!” There is a lot of debates that go on around about whether Hitler was an Atheist or a Christian and if I could just somehow prove or find proof that Hitler was just an Atheist, I would be able to make my case that Hitler was not anti-Semitic but just mentally ill even stronger. Gyah, just my luck.

I also think that maybe if Hitler was just half-Jewish (just like Elliot was half-Asian), the case that he was NOT anti-Semitic could have been even stronger. Sure thing he caused the Holocaust but being half-Jewish would have given him the divine right to do so, just like being half-Asian gave Elliot the divine right to saying “racist” stuff (and still *not* be racist, baby!). Anyway, repeat it again and again: “Normal people don’t do this shit”. And especially if you are anti-Semitic and totally hate Jews, you need to repeat it a million times to feel better about your anti-Semitic self: “Normal people don’t do this shit! Hitler was just mentally ill, babay!” It will make you feel superior to Hitler. The way misogynists, and many *normal* (woohoo!) people and atheist YouTube celebrity Jaclyn Noel are able to feel superior to Elliot (and to feminists, woohoo, killing two birds with one stone for the win!) Now I am going to go and take the 20 vodka shots I previously talked about and go running around naked on the street with the words “Hitler was just mentally ill, not anti-Semitic” written on my back. You can join me if you want! Because we all know that associating mentally ill people like Hitler with normal every-day anti-Semites that are practically in every fucking corner of the world is total injustice towards anti-Semites. Good night!

5 responses to “Hitler (Like Elliot) Was Just Mentally Ill, Not Anti-Semitic

  1. Dear sespzai

    the article really revealed some of the hidden facts.
    very extensive reding is done to prove the wrtings the good articles coming
    nazia shah

    • Dear Nazia jaan, thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I agree that Farah (the author of this awesome piece) did an incredible job of shedding light on the major points and issues that are more than often overlooked or regarded as irrelevant. Also, I hope you also understand that this piece is meant to be purely satirical. The whole article is one huge sarcastic rant, filled with puns, irony, and witticism. I didn’t reveal the fact that this piece is a satire on purpose to see how my readers will react to it and whether or not they will understand the intent and irony behind it. Of course, none of the ideas and commentary in this article reflect Farah’s true thoughts on that issue, but she felt the need to write this because it’s extremely frustrating how much some people are overplaying Rodger’s supposed “mental illness.”

      Anyway, I hope to share more witty stuff from her as she writes them, so I really appreciate your readership and the fact that you took the time to comment.

      Take care and keep reading and sharing your thoughts with us! 🙂

  2. dear sesapzai
    i was half asleep when i made the comment(therefoe some mistakes occured).it was very encouraging to see your reply.
    i think i can write as well and will surely share some of my writings with you in future.


  3. Great “Ironic” stuff. Whatever it was but Hitler was somewhat justified in killing these people as Jews have proved afterwards…

  4. I think all these people calling him a psycho are mentally ill themselves. I’ve nothing but pity for people suffering from mental disorders. Therefore I’m no longer provoked by such BS that people keep talking. Keep up the good work! Peace x.

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