My Painting Of Che Guevara Published In “Between History And Myth: Stories Of Harald Fairhair And The Founding Of The State”

When Professor Bruce Lincoln approached me about a year ago, with the message (and I am only sharing part of it):

I’m writing to request permission to reproduce your striking image of Che Guevara, which I found at, in a forthcoming book titled Between History and Myth: Stories of Harald Fairhair and the Founding of the Norwegian State (University of Chicago Press),

I was absolutely head-over-heels thrilled about the fact that a renowned professor of Lincoln’s caliber found my painting worthy enough to be included in his book. I was even more grateful to artifolio (which unfortunately seems to have shut down for some reason, so don’t get me started on how incredibly sad I am about that, ’cause it really helped me get in touch with clients who were interested in buying my art, as well as getting me in touch with awesome people like Professor Lincoln #BiggestSadFaceInTheWorld).

Anyway, after anxiously waiting for this book for so long, I finally received a copy in the mail yesterday. Never did I realize that a hobby of mine — a mediocre painting that I did while casually sitting in my living room  — would become worthy enough to be published in a book. And, so, I’d like to share this happiness with all my readers on my blog as well.

Many, many infinite thanks to dear Professor Lincoln for making this a wonderful reality — indeed it is one of my greatest accomplishments to date, among a few others, of course. I will forever be indebted to him!

Without further ado, here are some pics of the book and my painting in it. Enjoy!





3 responses to “My Painting Of Che Guevara Published In “Between History And Myth: Stories Of Harald Fairhair And The Founding Of The State”

    • Dear Nazia,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, my dear! Yes, I do love and enjoy art very much. I’ve been drawing/painting since I was about four years old 🙂 You can actually check out more of my artwork on my blog, at the top where it says “artwork.” And, I am so happy to hear that I serve as an inspiration to you, for you, too, serve as an inspiration to me. Keep sharing your thoughts; they are very much appreciated! xx

  1. I have a worn out T’shirt with Che’s picture printed on it and I won’t give up wearing it.your painting is pretty good, but what’s more amazing is how it got chosen out of so many others, and that too randomly. Congrats!

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