Dr. Christine Fair’s Excellent Analysis Of The Terror Attacks In Peshawar

Image source: The Diplomat

Image source: The Diplomat

Although it’s been a week since the brutal and unimaginable tragic attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar that took the lives of 145 innocent people of which over 130 were only children, people including bloggers, journalists, celebrities, academics, etc. are still writing and talking about it –more now than when the news first hit the news portals and reached our eyes/ears. While some are trying to understand why and how it happened, through assumptions and personal opinions, others — those far more knowledgeable and educated on the issue — have actually provided some excellent, in-depth analyses centered on the roots of the problem. One such person is Dr. Christine Fair, who is an Assistant Professor in the Security Studies Program at the Georgetown University, in Washington D.C.

I first learned/heard about Dr. Fair through my husband (the amazing human being that he is); he shared a video of her recent interview with The Diplomat last night, in which she talks about the Peshawar attack and the reasons behind why it all happened (and will perhaps keep happening, if Pakistan doesn’t clean up its act and take some drastic action soon). Curious about who she is, I decided to further read up about her, and I must say, this woman is incredibly impressive. I don’t get impressed easily, if at all, but this woman. Yes. She is something. Not only does she have vast knowledge about the nitty gritty details about Pakistani politics, but she also speaks AND writes Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. More about her, who she is, and her contact details can be accessed here.

Anyway, as I was watching Dr. Fair’s interview, I couldn’t help nodding my head in agreement and even saying out loudly, “YES!” each time she explained a point pertaining to the current (and past) military and political situation in Pakistan with regards to these horrendous attacks on innocent civilians. As someone with enough knowledge about Pakistani politics, her arguments made complete and utter sense to me. She really and truly hit the nail on the head.

I intended to provide my own analysis of the great points that she made in her interview, but since I’m a little tight on time, listening — and I suggest ya’ll pay strong attention — to her interview shall suffice for now. Perhaps, I’ll revisit this at some point later on , which is more than likely. So, stay tuned for that, good folks. 🙂

Without further ado, here is her interview below:

(I realize that YouTube is still banned in Pakistan, so I am sharing a link that was forwarded to me through Facebook.)

One response to “Dr. Christine Fair’s Excellent Analysis Of The Terror Attacks In Peshawar

  1. Salaam. While one would like to be open to hear her point of view. But unfortunately I wonder what is so excellent about what she is saying. It is basically the same jargon which one hears from intellectuals who are pro USA establishment. The problem is that we unfortunately go along with what ever is kind of anti us. We may not want to do that but unknowingly that is what we end up doing.
    In her case what she is saying is a perspective which is same as most of the USA establishment mindsets. The problem is that there are missing links in such assessments e.g. why is it that India has about 6 consulates operating in Afghanistan, why is it that USA is supporting India in there nuclear program, why is it that all effort is made to create problems for China – Pakistan economic programs, etc. Realities are very different and most of locals who are the English medium / migrate the thoughts are basically based on the colonial mindsets so thereby we unknowingly THINK AS WE ARE TOLD TO THINK rather THINK WHAT WE OURSELVES WANT TO THINK.

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