Her Hair

The love of my life, my beautiful daughter <3

The love of my life, my beautiful daughter ❤

Her hair
It spills about her face
And bounces about her shoulders as she runs
“Oh my!” Strangers would exclaim, “Look at all that hair!”
So much hair
Her long beautiful hair
It curls just a little bit at the ends
Like as if she has styled it using a curling iron
We all love her hair
All that thick, lush golden brown silk
But she doesn’t
Oh, I know she doesn’t, because,
She pulls at her hair, as if to remove it
Tears well up in her big, beautiful eyes
As she uses both her hands
To push back the long bangs from her sweet face
I smile
She’s only a baby
Little does she realize her gift
A gift that nature has bestowed on her,
With her magical hands
A gift that has made grown men red
And grown women green
“Hide it!” they will say, “Lest it should be evil-eyed!”
“Hide it!” they will scream, “Lest it should lure men!”
Hide it.
Veil it.
Cover it.
You shall do none.
You shall not hide, you shall not veil, and you shall not cover
Unless it is a choice
You are your hair, and your hair is you,
It is a part of your being,
No one — no man, or woman — will ever force or tell you otherwise
Let down your silken hair, my child
Let it fall in your eyes
Let it anger lay folks
Let it turn them green with envy
Let them be
For your hair is beautiful
You, my beloved daughter, are beautiful.

© February, 2015

One response to “Her Hair

  1. Wow i loved this. And eerrily enough, I too wrote about hair a couple of days ago:) . Though not entirely, but both of us have talked about not being comfortable in one’s own skin, and how it starts from the wee days.

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