Chris Brown and A Nation of Raped Boys

Exceptionally brilliant write-up on a topic that is never discussed. If, ever. I realize this article was written two years ago, but it’s just as relevant then as it is today. I especially loved this line from the piece,

“Boys will be boys. And boys can be hurt. We must stop viewing patriarchy as a weapon that wounds only women. To do so silences generations of victims…and often creates more.”

So much YES to the above quote! I couldn’t have said this any better. We need to stop associating only female oppression with patriarchy, as it can be just as oppressive to men too. The only way we can ever get rid of patriarchy is when men not only stopped oppressing women, but their fellow men as well. The same goes for women. Women who oppress other women fuels patriarchy. That needs to stop. There needs to be solidarity between both genders; it is only then that patriarchy can be successfully defeated.

Anyway, this article deserved a re-blog; so read, comment, and share as widely as you can. 🙂

Olivia A. Cole

chris brown rape

Yesterday I read an article in which Chris Brown discussed the age at which he lost his virginity. He was 8, he says, and the girl was 14 or 15. He mentions that in “the country” he and his cousins watched a lot of porn, so by age 8 he was “hot to trot.” Maybe so. Children can have sexual feelings at 8, but whether they can consent to sex at age 8 is an entirely different subject. Sex at age 8 is rape, especially given the fact that the girl involved was significantly older, a teenager. Chris Brown was raped, but to hear him tell it, that experience was positive, healthy. Something to brag about. “At eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it.”

And the worst part? This isn’t the first time I’ve…

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