Babra Massacre – August 12, 1948

Although the author states in the beginning of the blog that the information about this horrific event was taken from Wikipedia — a source that I don’t often trust 100 percent of the time, the events, however, described in the article does not seem false at all.

I do not have the time to write about this, unfortunately, as it would have been nice to do further research on this, and perhaps even talk to people who have been firsthand witnesses to this event, and partition as a whole. But, alas. Perhaps, some day, granted I have the time and resources to do so.

For now, this Wikipedia article will do, as it is quite informative and covers most aspects of our extremely dark and tragic history — a history, that unfortunately a LOT of Pashtuns are unaware of.

(Text taken from WikiPedia – Author unknown) The event’s details can be witnessed in autobiographies of various Khudai Khitmatgars who gave their lives and even their relatives were ass…

Source: Babra Massacre – August 12, 1948

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