I Potty-Trained My Stubborn Toddler In Three Days And So Can You

Let’s face it, potty-training is not easy. And, if you were a first time mom like me, you probably wanted to push it back as much as possible, in hopes that your child will someday decide — ON HER OWN — that it was time to ditch the diapers/pull-ups, and just go straight into the toilet.

I know there are countless articles and blogs written on this topic to the point that its quite exhaustive; however, I feel the need to share my own personal experience because I realize that every mom’s (and child’s) experience is different and unique. I can’t even recall how many articles/blogs I read and YouTube videos I watched, before I decided to potty-train my daughter. Sadly, it all looked and sounded so darn easy. And to have a super intelligent kid like mine? Pffft! I’d convinced myself that it’d be a breeze.


I had many people, including my own mom, tell me that I shouldn’t force my daughter on the potty, and that I should wait it out until I knew for sure that she was ready. So that’s exactly what I did. I decided to wait. Mind you, it was unbearable having to change my daughter’s stained diapers when I learned I was pregnant with my second child. I’d curse myself over and over, wishing that I had potty-trained my then 19-month-old daughter, so I wouldn’t have to literally throw-up every single time. Yet, I still decided to wait it out a little longer. It wasn’t until my daughter was nearing two-and-a-half that I came to (sadly) realize that she was never going to go on her own. I was now changing diapers for two — my newborn son, and my almost two-and-a-half year old daughter. It wasn’t fun, I tell ya.

So, I decided to do what everyone, except for a couple people, weren’t telling me to do; I decided to encourage — well, okay, more like nicely enforce? — my daughter to ditch the pull-ups, and start using the potty instead.  We decided to first try on this really nice potty that we got for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. While it was a fairly nice-looking potty (see picture below), my daughter, however, did not take too well to it. As a matter of fact, she absolutely loathed it!

Source: babycenter.com

Source: babycenter.com

I took the potty, cleaned it, placed a clean plastic bag in it (I loved this about the potty; I refused to buy one where I had to scoop or wash the potty every time it was soiled; the plastic bag just made things easier and a lot less messier…at least for me :)), and decided to place it in the living room, as a way to introduce it to my child. I then decided to do what I’d never done before; I got rid of the pull-ups. Like not completely, of course, but  what I mean is that I had my kid instead walk around the house wearing normal toddler-size underwear. (By the way, if you plan on having your child potty train in underwear, instead of pull-ups, make sure you remove all carpeting/rugs from whichever space you intend to potty train your kid in; trust me, it’ll make things a lot less messier.)

The first day was the hardest! I honestly did not know what to expect. I mean, how does one even know if their kid has to go? And, yes, there were quite a few accidents. The worst part was that she cried and cried and cried. It was absolutely heartbreaking seeing her get so upset each time I put her on the potty. I decided to give a week break, in hopes that since she’s already been introduced to the potty, and knows that she needs to go in it, she will gradually start warming up to it. Well, a week went by, and I took out the potty, and once again, the non-stop crying began. She just wasn’t warming up to it. And it was frustrating, because I tried everything to make sure she’d start using it. From giving her treats to putting her favourite stuffed toys on it to pretending like I am going in it myself (yeah, fellow moms know how we do, man!). But, to no avail, it was an epic fail. Mind you, she did manage to go into it a couple times, but each time she’d cry her heart out.

I then decided that I wasn’t going to let my daughter go through this torture anymore, and assured myself that she just wasn’t ready. I just couldn’t bear to see her get this upset anymore. So what if she’s two-and-a-half and still soils her pull-ups? It’s not like she’ll be doing this forever; there will come a day when she’ll be begging me to take her to the potty, just so that she wouldn’t get her underwear or clothes dirty. And, man, how ardently I longed for that day. I literally had dreams about it. Though, I must say, after seeing the way she cried during the training, and how she absolutely refused to go into the potty, for a split second I was convinced she’d never be trained, and that she’d be wearing pull-ups…gulpforever. But, no, rest-assured dear fellow moms, that day will come, and it certainly did for me. And it was more than euphoric; it was almost like winning the lottery…only better.

So, how did it finally happen for us? Seven words: Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step-Up Potty Seat (see pic below of this magical creation of a toilet seat).

My husband saw how upset our daughter would get with the old potty we’d gotten her (and if I know anyone who hurts more than me to see Zohal [our daughter] cry or become upset, it’s him! The man is absolutely, head-over-heels nuts about her!), he decided to find an alternative solution. After thoroughly researching online, and after reading hundreds of reviews, he discovered the Mommy’s Helper potty seat, and decided to order it for our daughter, in hopes that she would find it more appealing. The seat came in the mail, via express post, the day after it was ordered. The potty needs some basic assembling (basically attaching the ladder to the cushioned toilet seat) before it can be used, but that only takes like ten minutes to do. It’s pretty straight-forward, and easy to use as it fits on pretty much all standard toilet seats.

When my daughter first saw it, she instantly warmed up to it. As a matter of fact, she was there when the postman delivered it to our door. And she helped me assemble it. She especially loved the picture of the little girl sitting on the potty on the box in which it came in. Already, I was feeling hopeful that it was only a matter of time until she asked me to used it. I casually took my daughter to the washroom, and showed her what the “potty with the cool ladder” looked like on the toilet seat. I saw the way my daughter’s beautiful eyes brightened, and I knew she had approved of this new fancy-looking potty.

I then decided to wait patiently until she’d ask me about it again. Sure enough, only a couple hours had passed until she asked me to take her to the washroom so she could see the “potty with the cool ladder” again. I more than happily obliged. I tried to resist screaming in joy, but the fact that she asked me to take her to the washroom — to the potty —  herself was more than a joyful experience. I took her, and I asked her if she needed to go. She didn’t say anything, so I took that as a cue to sit her on the potty, and see how she likes it. The first few times, she just sat on it, perhaps liking the feel of the soft cushion. Later that night, she actually went number 1, and she didn’t even cry! This happened a few more times the second day, and by the third day, she even went number 2! It was so surreal, and it all happened so fast — this whole toilet-training business — that I couldn’t believe it at all. By the end of the first week, she would pull at my shirt to take her to the potty, because she had to go; she would then quickly run to the washroom, and try to adjust the potty on the toilet seat by herself, so that she could use it. I melted. I melted every single time she did that.

It’s now been almost six months since she was trained on the Mommy’s Helper, and I can now say she is fully toilet-trained (well, to be honest, she was pretty much fully trained within three days). She doesn’t wet the bed either; rather she wakes up a couple times during the night to go to the toilet. It’s pure heavenly!

So, those of you who are struggling — like really struggling — to get your bubs toilet-trained, I would very strongly recommend you get the Mommy’s Helper. It’s THE best thing ever. We loved it so much that we actually got two! And they’re not pricey either; I believe they cost around $35 to $40 bucks. The seat and ladder folds too, so you can conveniently lean it against the wall in your washrooms when not in use.

Oh, and just to let ya’ll know, I am not getting paid to advertise/review the Mommy’s Helper (although, it would be super nice if I did, heh), but I personally feel it is important that I wrote this blog and shared this brilliant product with fellow moms who, too, are struggling with this whole potty-training business. It’s not an easy job, moms. I totally know it. But, give this product a try or two. Trust me, it will change your life for the best.

By the way, if any of my readers have used the Mommy’s Helper, please comment below and let us know about your experience. I cannot imagine it not working for anyone, but every child is different. However, my personal experience with it has been fantastic, and I know for a fact that it will be just as pleasant an experience once my son starts to toilet-train too.

So, order the product, sit back, relax, and let the toilet-training magic happen! ❤


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