Happy 4th Birthday, Zogie boo! <3

To my dearest, sweetest, most beloved Zohal jaaney  ❤

Look who’s a little lady today?! All grown up, eh? Well, okay, almost, but wow I honestly cannot believe you are already four! Just so you know, zaRgaye, I haven’t blogged or written anything non-academic in MONTHS, and in anticipation of your special day, and the yearly birthday love letters I plan to send you every year (until the day I die), I am now writing. Woohoo!

Anyway, so today you are 4! I am writing this letter as you sleep peacefully in your adorable Dora+Finding Nemo+Princess+Paw Patrol room. You’ve already recieved all the preliminary gifts from all of us (me, daddy Abaseen, aunt, uncle, grandparents), but you have no idea what special plans are in store for you today! And we can’t wait to spoil you ROTTEN!

Zohal, you’ve come such a long way from the timid, quiet, CALM, little girl you used to be. I mean you are still those things, but I’ve seen some great changes in you over the past year. Actually, the minute you turned 3. You’ve become so much more confident and so much more talkative. Oh my, words just come out of you nonstop, and it’s like stunning music to my ears. Not only do you speak beautiful, fluent Pashto, but you also speak English so, SO well! You are able to relay the stuff that happens to you at school now, and you’ve even achieved the ability to tell stories too. I could literally sit there and listen to you for hours. And, you know I do!

You’ve made some excellent friends at school (of which your BFF, Bill* is leaving next year #tears). As a matter of fact, making friends and attracting people comes very naturally to you. I see how kids stare at you in admiration each time we go to the playground. In just a matter of minutes kids gravitate towards you, wanting to be your friend. And you welcome their friendship every single time with the sweetest, most adorable dimpled smile on your face. I am sure if I were those kids’ age, I’d, too, want to be your “best friend,” as you so often like to tell us, hah!

You’ve started taking ballet and soccer lessons this year, and just this past June you had your very first concert recital! You danced in front of hundreds of people and it was absolutely phenomenal! (See screenshot below.)

Zohal’s awesome ballet recital ❤

My doll playing soccer like a pro :-*

You are amazing, Zohal, zama da stargo ranRa. You are an incredibly fast learner, and you have the natural inclination to be a leader. At only 4, I can have some of the best conversations with you! At times, I need to stop and remind myself that you are only 4! But your exceptional intelligence and your ability to understand and analyze things is that of an eight year old. Even your teachers at school praise you for how smart you are. Each time I ask them whether they need to see me at parent/teacher night, they simply look at me, shake their heads, and say, “Zohal is perfect. She’s too smart. You keep doing what you’re doing, mom.”

You’ve also become much nicer to your little brother (yes, this was actually an issue for a very long time, unfortunately). But, you seemed to have finally accepted that your little brother is here to stay, and is not, in ANY way, taking your special spot. You are just as dear to me as your little brother. And, I am so glad that you are finally realizing this. Besides, you are my first born, Zogie boo. You KNOW very well that the first born child always has the most special place in a parents’ heart. And you know that mor jana will always love you, multiply that by infinity. You are the love of my life; the sweetest apple of my eye.

As much as I want to write a long letter, detailing how amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and praiseworthy you are, I might have to cut this letter short, only because your little brother keeps screaming at me to feed him, and I can almost hear you stirring like you are about to wake up. I have a cake baking for you in the oven as I finish writing this; it’s your fave vanilla cake with chocolate icing. I hope you like it. I’ve also ordered a custom Frozen-themed cake for you, which we will pick up at 7 pm tonight, after you’ve enjoyed the wonderful things we have planned for you.

We all love you so much, Zohal jaaney. Please continue educating, awing, and inspiring us every single day with your awesomeness. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the universe that you exist. You are absolutely THE best thing that has ever happened to us, which is why August 6 is such a SPECIAL, most IMPORTANT date in all of the 365 days that exist.

On that note, I’mma go to your room now and smother your beautiful face in kisses! Mor jaana loves you so, so, so, SO much! ❤

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes.

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