Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!


It’s half an hour past 12 am, and we are now officially into 2018. 2017 is officially over. Forever. And, admittedly, I couldn’t be more relieved. Of course, this is not to say that 2017 was a shitty year; for the most part, actually, it was pretty darn amazing. Not only did the year start off with us (the hubby, kids, in-laws, and I) all going off to beautiful Hawaii, but it also included a plethora of wonderful personal/academic accomplishments and milestones. For one, I got a wonderful opportunity to study and teach at York University. I got to travel (even if it was only nationally) for academic conferences to present snippets of my research work. I also got a wonderful chance to reconnect with some old friends back in September — people who made me realize what true and real friendship really and should mean. However, I don’t want this post to be about my boasting about what or how much I’ve “achieved” this year, because while 2017 did have its high moments, it also had its low moments as well. Most importantly, though, this year taught me a few key lessons that I otherwise took for granted. And I bet some of you may be able to relate to them, so:

1) Life isn’t always a bed of roses. There will come a time when finances will be tight. Things might get tough. You might have to give up a few things, or take on a few extra things, in order to make ends meet. However, when you have a spouse who loves you dearly (and vice versa), whom you can trust with your life, and who constantly stands by your side and supports you through it all, nothing else matters. Things will always get better. And they do and have.

2) Friends who go out of their way to check up on you, or ask  about how you are doing, are gems. They are worth making time for. They are worth caring for. They are just fucking worth everything.

3) It’s okay to let go of and cut ties with people who serve no purpose, love, or care in your life anymore, without any hard feelings or grudges. Of course, cherish the past and your memories with them, but it’s fine to let them go. Hence, I am an adamant believer of the saying, “People come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.” You will know which are the “lifetime” ones. Hold them tight!

4) Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And to be loved in return. Whether it is from your beloved/spouse or your heartstrings/children. No other feeling compares to this. At least in my opinion.

5) Make time for your parents, even if you’ve never had the best relationship with them in the past. They won’t live forever. Just call and ask about their well-being/health, at least, even if you don’t have the need to visit them. Just do it, damnit!

6) Make time for yourself. Self-care is so, so, so, SO important! And I cannot stress that enough, especially to those who have children (ladies, I’m especially looking at you!). Yes, children are the apples of our eyes and our little love muffins, but they also have a very high tendency of encompassing our lives to the point that we forget that we even exist — don’t let that happen. Don’t feel guilty dropping off your kids at a reliable daycare (or with someone you trust), so you can sneak in a few extra hours of sleep, or read that book that’s been collecting dust on your night table, or get your hair and manicure done. Self-care, ladies. Self-care. ❤

I guess those are it for now. Oh, and as for New Year’s resolutions, I usually don’t have one in any given year, but I do plan to have one, no, actually two, for 2018. I plan to art again. It’s been almost five years since I last painted something. Kids happened and I forgot all about arting. I managed to dig up some unused canvases from the storage the other day, but I need to go out and buy me some fresh acrylic and water paints. I also plan to start a fanfiction that I’ve been DYING to write based on the movie Leap (also called Ballerina). Not sure if any of my readers have watched the movie, but I play that for my daughter in my SUV on repeat, because she freakin’ LOVES it. I do too. Such a cute movie. So, yes, a fanfic on that. Hopefully, I can start sharing parts of it on my blog in a few weeks. But, first, the art. 🙂

On that note, I wish you all a very happy, successful, and safe 2018! ❤

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