Here are some of my poems that I’ve written during my spare time. They are all copyrighted, so if any of my readers would like to re-publish a poem to their blogs or other publications, they will first have to seek my permission. Thank you for understanding, and enjoy!

I Have A Dream [Version One] (April 2009)
Reflection In The Water (August 2009)
I Have A Dream [Version Two — Spoken Word Piece] (August 2009)
Beloved Stranger (November 2009)
Silence (December 2009)
Eternal Love (February 2010)
Requiem Of Annihilation (March 2010)
The Erudite Intellectual (June 2010)
Reminiscing My Incarceration (July 2010)
A Thing Of Beauty (July 2010)
The Idealist (August 2010)
Old Man (September 2010)
The Grand Masquerade (October 2010)
The Phoenix (November 2010)
Provenance Of My Awakening (November 2010)
Through The Eyes Of An Autistic Child [Spoken Word Piece] (January 2011)
A Rebel’s Hymn (January 2011)
Revolution (February 2011)
Rabab Of My Soul (February 2011)
Nostalgia (March 2011)
Loathing From The Hymen [Spoken Word Piece] (May 2011)
Sleeping Lions (July 2011)
My Child (September 2011)
The Moth (October 2011)
Fire (November 2011)
Hell On Earth (November 2011)
Bittersweet Exile (January 2012)
Fountain Of Truth (April 2012)
Sandbox Of Life (September 2012)
You Had Me At Pakhair (October 2012)
Jailbird (December 2012)
The War Within (March 2013)
Lest A Love Forgotten (April 2013)
Unsung Lullaby (December 2014)
Her Hair (February, 2015)

I'd love to read your thoughts!

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