Pashto Keyboard

I just discovered nirvana, dear world! And all thanks to a lovely friend I met through Twitter! Bless her soul!

And this nirvana that I speak of is what I call a Pashto keyboard! Yes, fellow Pashtuns, now you don’t have to struggle to figure out which Pashto alphabet is which, and complicate things for yourself, on your normal English keyboard. Trust me, I’ve tried to figure it out many times in the past and there were times when I felt like pulling out every single strand of my hair. Literally.

But, after discovering this keyboard (Science bless the person who created this brilliant program), I can now just type in Pashto on this and share it on my blog/Facebook/Twitter as well as other social networking sites, and it feels like heaven! And since, lately, I’ve been learning how to write in Pashto (thanks to beloved hubby), it makes life so much easier when one has an actual Pashto keyboard to practice on! Ah, bliss!

Anyway, here is a screenshot of what it looks like (gorgeous, innit? :P):

And here is the actual link to the keyboard:

And, yes, no need to thank me. I know I’m awesome. 😉

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