Great Works on Afghan Proverbs

Excellent piece by one of my dearest and closest friends, Huma Naseri. As someone who doesn’t know much about Afghan proverbs, this was very informative and enlightening. Loved it and it deserves a space on my blog. 🙂


As a student of Social Science, I have usually focused on the academic and tangible work culture of Afghanistan. One day I was researching about the cultural values of Afghanistan, and accidently I came across a book named “Mataluna: 151 Afghan Pashto Proverbs.” This book fascinated me, and I started reading it for two reasons: first, I like proverbs; and second, just to know who had written it. I searched the author’s name and then I looked for him in Twitter. As soon as I saw his name, with a great smile I clicked the Follow button! His exceptionally wide-ranging work on Afghan Proverbs makes me among his greatest fans. 🙂

Captain Edward Zellem is a U.S Navy officer and the six-time award-winning author of three bilingual books of Afghan Proverbs, now published in 15 languages. His work has enriched both official languages of Afghanistan (Pashto and Dari) worldwide. So…

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    • Thanks, Nazia, my dear! Very much appreciate your taking the time to read this! And you SHOULD write something. Better yet, write it and send it to me so I can publish it here, on my blog. 🙂

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